Red Silky Lanterns

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Pair of Red Silky Lanterns with tassels available in various sizes. Seen throughout China, these lanterns are typically hung up high at festival time to make a big red and gold impact. Supplied as a tube with caps for top and bottom; decoration and opening mechanisms vary on different size lanterns. There is no provision for installing lighting within the lantern and no rating although similar lanterns are frequently adapted.

12 inch: 30cm diameter: 420g
16 inch: 40cm diameter: 740g
22 inch: 56cm diameter: 850g
25 inch: 63cm diameter: 1250g
32 inch: 81cm diameter: 2050g
40 inch: 100cm diameter: 2500g
52 inch: 132cm diameter: 7500g

Nylon, polyester, pvc, metal

Red, gold

Plastic bag

Other / Care / Cleaning Instruction

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